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Trim Cylinder Assemblies
    Pre-Alpha and Alpha One Trim Cylinder Assemblies

Before you order your trim cylinders and hoses you will need
to read the casting number on the side of your cylinder housing.
The casting number is on the inward side so you will need to remove
the cylinders from the drive unit to read the number.

Early trim cylinders were narrow and they had knurled end caps.
These were typical for 1981 units and older.
Both the port and starboard cylinders were identical and all
four of the trim hoses were the same length.
Old Style cylinders used Hi-Pressure-Low Volume trim pumps.

45706A14 Trim Cylinder
45706A14 Port or Stb Trim Cylinder (old style) $560.00

    Low Pressure-Hi-Volume Cylinders    Casting numbers 9870X
Mercruiser then came out with the fatter trim cylinders in 1982.
The fat cylinders use Low Pressure-Hi-Volume trim pumps.
The reverse lock valve is built right into the pump.
There is a casting number on the inward side of the cylinder.
Early fat cylinders had a casting number of 98703 or 98704.
It is important that you know your casting number because there
are now two different length fat trim cylinders.
Also, the port cylinder is not the same as the stb cylinder.

98703A3 Port Side

98703A3 Port Side (casting number 98703) $451.00

98704A3 Stb Side (casting 98704) $448.00

    Low Pressure-Hi-Volume Cylinders    Casting numbers 1403X
14035A3 Port Side (casting number 14035) $433.00

14034A3 Stb Side (casting number 14034) $459.00

    The trim hoses must match the trim cylinders   Go to Trim Hoses

    Alpha Generation II Trim Cylinder Assemblies

815935A7 Port Side Alpha Gen II $515.00

815954A7 Stb Side Alpha Gen II $515.00

    The trim hoses must match the trim cylinders   Go to Trim Hoses

    Bravo I, II and III Trim Cylinder Assemblies

98703A26 Port Side Bravo $536.00

98704A26 Stb Side Bravo $536.00

    The trim hoses must match the trim cylinders   Go to Trim Hoses

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