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Mercruiser Engines and Engine/Drive Packages

Mercruiser engines have become the standard in the boating industry.
Fishing, cruising or racing... Mercruiser is the way to go.

All V6 and V8 Engine Packages include the power steering pump.
Power steering option is available for the 3.0L TKS model.

Engine Packages include the gimbal housing assembly, power trim,
and the sterndrive unit.

Click here for "Engine Only" packages.

For Gimbal Housing Assemblies go here.

Click here for Inboard Mercruiser Engines.

Sterndrive Engine Packages
Engine Alpha Gen II Bravo I Bravo II Bravo III
3.0L TKS (130hp) $7500 n/a n/a n/a
4.3L TKS (190hp) $9600 n/a n/a n/a
5.0L TKS (220hp) $10,500 n/a n/a n/a
3.0L MPI (135hp) $9400 n/a n/a n/a
4.3L MPI (220hp) $11,300 $13,800 $13,900 $14,000
4.3L MPI Seacore (220hp) n/a $16,200 $16,350 $16,500
5.0L MPI (260hp) $12,600 $14,700 $14,800 $14,900
5.0L MPI Seacore (260hp) n/a $17,100 $17,250 $17,400
350 Mag (300hp) $13,620 $16,200 $16,350 $16,500
350 MPI Seacore (300hp) n/a $18,600 $18,750 $18,900
377 Mag (320hp) n/a $18,540 $18,690 $18,840
377 Mag Seacore (320hp) n/a $20,760 $20,910 $21,060
496 Mag (375hp) n/a $20,880 $21,030 $21,180
496 Mag Seacore (375hp) n/a $23,640 $23,790 $23,940
496 Mag HO (425hp) n/a $30,000 Bravo XR $31,200 Bravo XR $31,400 Bravo XR
496 Mag HO Seacore (425hp) n/a $33,240 Bravo I XR $33,780 Bravo II XR $33,950 Bravo III XR

SmartCraft Digital Gimbal Housings are an additional $800.00
Seacore units have a standard 4 year corrosion protection warranty.
Seacore engines have a 3-year factory limited Warranty.
Non-Seacore engines come with a standard 1-year limited Warranty.
5.0L MPI and above can add the DTS option for an additional $800.00.
DTS rigging kits are additional.

Most Engine packages include transom assemblies complete, drive, power steering,
and trim system complete. They do NOT include props, control cables, dash harnesses, controls, or gauges.

* (Power steering optional on 3.0L)

Please note that we also sell "engine-only" packages.
Ready to swap out that Volvo for an Alpha?

Then you have to check out our Transom Adaptor Plates!®

Please note that these prices are negotiable and subject to change. Email us with your offer and we will do everything possible to meet it.
Call for GREAT inboard prices too!

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