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Fuel and Oil Filters

OutdriveShop.Com sells all Mercury Marine
Filters, elements and Filter Kits.
We also feature Fram, Racor and many others.

Keep your engine oil clean and use quality Mercury Marine Oil
Filters and Fuel filters or whatever your engine manufacturer

What is the leading cause of blown outboard Powerheads?
Water in the fuel!

Two Cycle outboards are built to very close tolerances and
require accurate and consistent oiling.

Water in the fuel system prevents oil from properly lubricating
the internal components of the engine and also causes the engines
cylinder temperatures to get dangerously hot.

Make sure you have a good water-seperating fuel filter system
and replace the elements frequently.

Clogged and dirty Fuel Filters can make an engine run lean.
Lean engines run too hot and suffer a shortened life.

Customers often say, right after they have blown a $4,000 powerhead, that "The engine never ran so good!"

Engines will often run VERY good when running lean.
Having a good running engine does NOT mean your filters are OK!


When installing new spin-on filter elements, always apply
a thin coat of clean engine oil to the o-ring.
This will insure proper installation and sealing.

It is a good idea to inspect the contents of the old filter.
This will inform you that you might have a water or sediment
contamination problem so you can decide if a tank cleaning is needed.

Never overtighten an Oil Filter or Fuel Filter.
Install hand tight and then about another 3/4 of a turn

Always check for leaks after installation. A leaking oil filter
can empty all the oil out of an engine in under one minute!
A leaking fuel filter is dangerous, can cause an explosion or
can prevent the engine from running correctly.

Need a Filter Kit?

Adding a Fuel Water Separator is easy.

Kit 35-802893Q4 ($50.00) includes the filter bracket and an element.

We suggest a couple of spare spin-on replacement elements.
The Mercury Marine Water Separating Fuel Filter Elements are part 35-802893T for $13.00 each.

Always use extreme caution when working with fuel.
Before working on the fuel system, disconnect the boats battery
and remove it from the vessel.
Never attempt to hook up a battery or start an engine or run ANY other
electric device if fuel liquid or fuel vapors are present
or even suspected.

Any small spark can ignite even the smallest amount of fuel
or fuel vapors which can lead to damage, injury or death.

If you have the slightest doubt as to whether or not you can
safely perform this installation then don't do it.
Have a Certified and Authorized Mercruiser Technition
perform the filter installation.

If equipped, close the fuel shut-off valve. Locate a good mounting location where the bracket can preferably be through bolted and easy to access.
You will also need a couple of 1/4"NPT X 3/8" brass hose barbs,
a few SS Mini Hose Clamps (enough to double clamp each end),
and usually a section of 3/8" Type A Fuel Hose.

Note: Some smaller outboards can get away with 5/16" fuel lines.
Always check with the manufacturers recommendations for the proper
fuel hose size and maximum fuel line lengths.

Thread the hose barbs into the filter bracket making sure to use
an adequate pipe sealant such as Permatex 2B Non-Hardening Sealant or
Teflon Pipe Tape rated for use with gasoline.

Mount the filter bracket with SS through bolts whenever possible.

Check to make sure you can fit an oil filter wrench in place to install and
remove the element easily.

Observe that the filter has an "In" and an "Out" for proper
fuel flow direction.

Make sure that all fuel lines are neatly fastened about every 12 to 18"
and are clear and away from all battery cables, wires and/or
hot or moving engine parts.

Check all of your hose connections for tightness.
Double hose clamps are recommended where possible.

Startup may be difficult until the engines fuel pump
has enough time to fill the filter element and hoses.

Remember to open any closed fuel shut-off valves!!

Check for leaks frequently and test run the boat will the
hatches safely open to check for dangerous fuel vapors/leaks.

Change your fuel filters after every 50 hours of running.

Fuel Filter Tips

Most carbs have an inlet strainer filter.
This will be located where the metal fuel line attaches to
the carb body.

Always use a good line wrench to remove metal fuel lines
and make sure you hold the filter nut with a large wrench
or the fuel line will twist and be damaged beyond use.

Usually, the strainer filter can be cleaned with carb cleaner
and then reused. NEVER reuse the mounting gasket
ALWAYS use a new filter nut gasket before reassembly!

Make note as to the position of the spring and internal
little filter gasket. Also note which direction the strainer
filter is facing! If installed in the wrong direction, the
engine will not run!.

Never remove, empty and reinstall a spin-on filter cartridge.
Reusing a spin-on element may lead to carb contamination.

Replace any and all rusted, twisted, bent, kinked or cracking fuel lines.

Keep your filters external housings clean and oiled to prevent leaks
form rust spots or corrosion.

Keep a few extra elements on board in a dry place and
also keep an oil filter wrench on board too!

Some Inline 4 cylinder and V6 Engines have a fuel filter
located in the fuel pump.
This is only a particle filter and it won't protect the engine
from water in the fuel.
We recommend installing an additional water-separating fuel
filter kit for added protection.

If water ever gets into the carb(s) then have the carbs rebuilt!

The water must be physically removed and flushed from the carbs.
It will NOT simply "burn off".

Dry Gas will NOT remove water from a carb.

Running your engine with water in the carb(s) will destroy your engine.

Oil Filter Tips

Changing your engines oil and filters should be done at
about 50 to 100 hours of operation.

Many oil filters are difficult to access and care should be taken
not to spill oil into the bilge or onto the exhaust.

Place a few oil absorbsion devices under the engine to catch
any spilled oil.

Most Mercruiser Engines use the dipstick tube as an oil withdraw device.

You will need an adequate pump which can be attached to the dipstick tube.
You must have an air tight connection and the pump should be a spark proof
pump which can pump oil into a bucket or container.

The engine must FIRST be warmed up before attempting to suck
out the oil. Cold oil is thick and it will very difficult to
suck out cold oil. Cold oil may also damage your oil withdraw pump.

When replacing the oil filter, make SURE that you have removed all the old
o-rings. If an extra o-ring is accidentally left in place, it may not leak until
the engine is brought up to speed. Serious damage can result from having
double o-rings. Sometimes the old o-ring sticks to the engine block
or filter adaptor. Always check this very carefully.

Know your engines oil capacity.

The filter will take between 1/2 and one quart in most cases.

After adding the correct amount of good oil, run the engine and inspect
for oil leaks right away.
Shut the engine and let it sit for 15 minutes.
Then recheck the level on the dipstick gauge a couple of times.
Add a little more oil if needed.
Never over-fill a cranckcase with too much oil!
Dispose of all filters and waste oil in a proper legal manner.

Mercruiser Oil Filter Chart
Part Number Application Price PayPal
35-883702K Fits MCM V6 models without remote oil filter bracket $ 9.90
35-802885T changes to part 866340K01 Fits all MCM/MIE GM engines, except V6
without remote oil filter bracket.
Most common filter.
$ 11.00
35-802886T Fits all MCM/MIE Ford engines $ 9.85
35-16595T changes to 16595Q Fits MCM Hi-Performance GM V8 Engines $ 12.55

To order Oil and Oil Filters via
Email, send us your engine Year,
Engine Serial Number, Engine Model and Type.

Let us know how many filters you need and if
they are Fuel, Oil or Both.

Oil is sold in cases of 12 quarts, a case of 2) 2.5Gal Bottles,
and 25 and 55 Gallon Drums.
Both Four Cycle and Two Cycle (TCW 3) Oils are available.

Include your Zip Code and we will calculate shipping.

We also sell in bulk pallets (ask!).

Your Oil and Filter Price Quote will be returned in under 24 hours.

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