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Mercruiser Ignition Tune-Up Kits

[Standard Points-Style Ignition][Thunderbolt Ignition][Delco EST & HEI Electronic Ignition][Ignition & EFI Tools]

Keeping your engine well tuned will improve performance and save fuel. Performing a complete tune-up can often take care of nagging running and starting problems. It is more difficult to troubleshoot a poor running engine that is not tuned.

Thousands of "do-it-yourselfer" customers perform their own tune-ups every year and they save good money doing it.
With a factory Service Manual and the correct tools, tune-up's are snap.

The Engine Owners Manual that came with your engine has a wealth information pertaining to
tune-up and maintenance procedures and schedules.

Quicksilver DDT Scan Tool


Mercury/Mariner EFI, DFI, Optimax, 3.0L Carb and 25-40 hp 4-cycle Outboards.
Mercury Racing EFI Outboards and MerCruisers.
MerCruiser EFI and MPI Models including PCM 555.
MerCruiser 1997 and Newer Carb Models with Thunderbolt V Ignition System.

Digital Diagnostic Terminal (DDT) and Cartridge
Mercury Digital Diagnostic Tool

This hand held Scan Tool is easy to use.
The flexible sealed keypad, rubber boot and rugged
design will provide many years of service. It comes with a 10-foot (3 m) cable.
Adapter cables are used to connect the DDT to Data Link Connector (DLC) on the engine.
There are separate Cartridges for Mercury/Mariner Outboards
and MerCruiser products. Instructions with the Cartridges and Service
Manuals will tell how to connect the DDT to the engine.

The DDT, when used with the correct cartridge, and the product’s Service Manual will allow
the technician to properly diagnose and repair engine systems. Engine functions can be
monitored while the engine is running to aid in diagnosis and will display any stored trouble
codes. On MerCruiser engines, the DDT is used to set the base engine timing on
MEFI-1/-2/-3 ECM models.


Ordering Prices are subject to change

DDT Scan Tool 91-823686A 2 Digital Diagnostic Terminal (DDT) $1275.65

Mercury/Mariner Outboard Cartridges
91-822608--6 v5.0 – For non-PCM 555 Outboards $176.00.
91-880118A04 v1.1 – For PCM 555 Outboards. (Used on MerCruiser also) $183.10.

Mercury/Mariner Outboard Adapter Harnesses
84-822560A 1 1994 3.0L Carb Engines $153.00.
84-822560A 5 1994-1/2 and up 2.5L EFI (with 824003 ECM only) $157.15.

1994-1/2 Pro Max/Super Max/Super Magnum. 1997 and up DFI/OptiMax Outboards.
84-822560A 6 1995 and up 3.0L EFI and Carb Outboards. (Use with 84-822560A 7) $25.10.
84-822560A 7 1995 and up 3.0L EFI and Carb Outboards. (Use with 84-822560A 6) $105.35.
84-822560A 8 All Hi-Performance 2.0L/2.5L EFI Outboards (with 11350A ECM only).
(Use with 84-822560A 7) $143.20.
84-822560A10 25-40 hp 4-cycle Outboards. (Use with 84-822560A 7) $19.75.
84-822560T11 Extension Harness, 2-pin 15 ft (4.57 m) long. (Use with 84-822560A 5) $13.75.
84-875232T 1 2000 Digital OptiMax Outboards only. ‘This T’ Harness allows the DDT $28.75
to be connected under the dash at the 5-pin tachometer harness outlet.

Mercury/Mariner Outboard Injector Test Harnesses
84-830043A 1 1986 and up 2.4L/2.5L/3.0L EFI Outboards. (Use with 84-822560A 7) $54.50.
1982 and up Hi-Performance 2.0L/2.4L/ 2.5L/3.4L EFI Outboards.
(Use with 84-830043A 2).
84-830043A 2 1982 and up Hi-Performance 2.0L/2.4L/2.5L/3.4L EFI Outboards $20.25
(including Offshore models). (Use with 84-830043A 1).

MerCruiser Cartridges
91-803999 v2.0 – For MEFI-1/-2/-3 ECM models $246.80.
(Can also read RPM history on 1997 and up Thunderbolt V ignition modules).
91-880118 1 changed to 91-880118A04 v1.1 – For PCM 555 models. (Used on Outboards also) $183.10.

MerCruiser Adapter Harnesses
84-822560A 2 For MEFI-1/-2/-3 ECM models $108.55.
84-822560T12 For PCM 555 models (adapts 4-pin MerCruiser connector to 2-pin $11.95
84-822560A 5 Outboard harness).
84-822560A13 For PCM 555 models (4-pin connectors, no additional harness required) $157.15.
84-861540A 1 1997 and up V6 and V8 Carb Engines with Thunderbolt V Ignition. Allows
rpm history stored in Ignition Module to be read. $77.25
(Use with 84-822560A 7).

Mercury Fuel Pressure and Air Pressure Gauge Set
Fuel and Air Pressure Gauge

NOTE: Photo may not be accurate.
This gauge kit is a "must" for proper diagnosis and trouble shooting.
Fuel and air pressures are critical for the new EFI, DFI and MPI type Mercury Marine engines.
91-881834A 1 Fuel and Air Pressure Gauge Kit $441.15

91-99379 Timing Light $161.85 (no image)
Heavy Duty for long life. Accurate and simple to use.
Includes inductive pick-up clamp for easy connection.

91-892647A01 Tach Multimeter Kit $833.25 (no image)
This is the kit for testing multiple harness and EFI/MPI components.
It is a Fluke-type meter with digital read-out.
Includes carry case and numerous test leads and harnesses.

91-59339 Tach & Dwell Meter $444.20 (no image)
Set points on conventional ignition systems more accuratly with this Dwell Meter.

91-818812A1 Timing Jumper Lead (no image)
Used on Delco EST ignition systems to set the timing.
This is a simple jumper required to put the ignition in "service" mode.

A complete tune-up would address the following items:
Tune up KitsDistributor Cap and Rotor
Tune up KitsBreaker Points and Condenser (conventional ignition)
Tune up KitsSpark Plug Wires
Tune up KitsSpark Plugs
Tune up KitsFuel Filters (often more than one)
Tune up KitsCarburetor (adjustment or rebuild)
Tune up KitsFuel Injection Components (EFI and MPI systems)
Tune up KitsBelts (serpentine or v-belt)
Tune up KitsFlame Arrestor (clean & inspect)
Tune up KitsHoses (water and oil lines) and Hose Clamps
Tune up KitsOil and Oil Filter
Tune up KitsBatteries and Battery Cable Connections
Tune up KitsDwell and/or Timing
Tune up KitsIdle Mixture and Choke Adjustements
Tune up KitsShift Cable Adjustment
Tune up KitsEngine Alignment and Mount Inspection
Tune up KitsDrive Lube, Power Steering Fluid $ Trim Fluid levels
Tune up KitsComplete Engine Inspection
Tune up KitsComplete Steering and Gimbal Inspection
Tune up KitsGrease Propshaft, gimbal and steering
Tune up KitsInspect Drive or Transmission
Tune up KitsCheck and/or Replace Anodes
Tune up KitsExhaust Tubes and Clamps
Tune up KitsGround and Bonding Cable Connections

Use original Mercruiser factory parts for your tune-up or service.
Send your information to: outdriveshop@bellsouth.net

   If you prefer, you can simply EMAIL us with your question(s) or request.

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